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Loretta Lynn Shares Shocking Details Of Confrontation With Her Husband's Admirer

Loretta lynn Songs | Loretta Lynn Shares Shocking Details Of Confrontation With Her Husband's Admirer | Country Music Videos
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It is well known in the country music world that many of Loretta Lynn's songs were inspired by her husband Doo's infidelity and drinking habits. For Loretta, writing songs helped her cope with the pain that Doo caused her. But only in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal did Loretta reveal just how far she went when she first learned about Doo's infidelity.  

Loretta said that after she made it big in the music industry, she'd be gone for several weeks on tour while Doo stayed at home and farmed. While Loretta was gone, many of the local women tried to steal his attention, and one particular school bus driver was successful.

It was Loretta's daughter, Cissie, who first broke the news to her. "[Cissie] came home from school one day and said, 'Momma, the bus driver told me she went out with daddy,'" Loretta said.

Loretta had a feeling that what Cissie said was true, so one day she decided to confront the bus driver herself. She waited until the bus driver was alone before she came to her with her suspicions and made her confess the truth. After she did, Loretta couldn't control her emotions, and went after the bus driver.

"I went right into action," she said. "You don’t wait for someone to go first. As a woman, I went for the hair. She was bigger than me, but I held my own."

It was actually another one of Doo's lovers that prompted Loretta to write her hit song "Fist City". This particular woman moved closer to the Lynns to be near Doo, and Loretta knew what was going on between them. 

Looking back, Loretta has a feeling the woman always knew the song was about her, since she stayed away for a while after its release. But in an unexpected conclusion to her tale, Loretta revealed that the woman didn't stay away forever.

"In 1996, when Doo was on his deathbed and I was taking care of him, the bell rang," she said. "When I opened the front door, this woman walked right past me...As you probably can tell, I still don’t like her to this day."

You can listen to Loretta's fiery hit "Fist City" below.

From the way Loretta talks, we don't know why any woman ever thought it would be a good idea to mess with her man!

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