Randy Houser Gets Fired Up Defending Luke Bryan’s Music

Randy Houser Gets Fired Up Defending Luke Bryan’s Music | Country Music Videos

Luke Bryan via Google+/radio.com's YouTube Account

Not everyone may like Luke Bryan‘s style of country music, but his good friend and country singer, Randy Houser, doesn’t understand why!

In an interview with radio.com, Houser defends his and close friend’s style of music that most would call “Bro Country”.

“Bro Country” artists get critiqued because the subjects of their songs are often trucks, tailgates, and beer. 

“People actually do ride around a Sonic, and we go park our trucks, and we drink a beer, and we sit on a tailgate,” Houser explains. “Everybody can say what they want. There’s a reason that stuff is so popular. Because that’s what happens!”

Bryan is probably the most brought up “Bro Country” artist because of his ever-growing popularity and his unconventional dance moves, but Houser says that he and Bryan share inspiration.

When you think about Willie [Nelson] and Waylon [Jennings] and Johnny Cash and those guys, who are my heroes. They’re also Luke’s heroes,” he says.

He even compares Bryan to Nelson, Jennings, and Cash because they were considered pioneers during their rise in popularity.

What Luke’s doing is almost what they’ve done,” he continues. “It doesn’t sound like what they did, but what they did musically was take everything they heard growing up and put it into this one thing and it became what they do.

And in Houser’s eyes, that’s exactly what Luke is doing. He’s taking the music he listened to growing up, which was hip-hop, R&B, country, and Southern rock, and putting it all together by making music the way he wants.

“We wouldn’t be talking about it if it wasn’t something new and blazing a new trail. That’s what happened. That’s the reason we’re even talking about it. People just need to lighten the hell up.”

Do you agree with Houser? Watch his full interview below.

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