Rory Feek Says He’s ‘Doing Okay’ In Emotional Update One Month After Joey’s Death

Rory Feek Says He’s ‘Doing Okay’ In Emotional Update One Month After Joey’s Death | Country Music Videos

Rory Feek/This Life I Live


On March 4, Joey Feek passed away following her courageous battle with cancer. Monday (April 4), marked one month since Joey’s passing, and many have been wondering how her husband, Rory, is coping. 

A lot of people ask me how I’m doing. I usually try to smile and say, ‘I’m doing okay,’” Rory wrote in an emotional update to his blog, This Life I Live.

Rory shares that life without Joey has been hard to adjust to, but he’s slowly learning how to go on. He moved their bed to another part of their bedroom, and has started sleeping on Joey’s side, because he just can’t bring himself to sleep on his side anymore, only to look over and see Joey isn’t there.

Although Rory says he’s doing okay, he openly admits that he misses Joey terribly. He continues to walk out to her grave every day, where he stops to talk with her about everything going on in his life, and the life of their baby girl, Indiana. 

In his post, Rory compared his relationship with Joey to that of a famous relationship in one of the most beloved movies of all time, Forrest Gump. Rory, who is a huge fan of the movie, says that his relationship with Joey was much like the one that Forrest shared with his childhood best friend, Jenny.

Forrest loved Jenny like I love Joey.  Simply.  Deeply,” Rory wrote.

Rory said when he saw the movie in the theater eight years before he met Joey, he knew he wanted to go on to love someone like Forrest loved Jenny, and he eventually found that love in Joey. Even though Joey never told Rory if she was a fan of the movie, Rory said that they had “Forrest & Jenny” printed on the back of their napkins for their wedding.

Little did Joey + Rory know at the time that their lives would continue to mimic Forrest and Jenny’s throughout the years. Like Jenny, Joey got terribly sick and ended up leaving her husband and child behind. Although the movie doesn’t show what happened to Forrest after Jenny died, Rory has a feeling about it:

“Jenny got sick. And Forrest didn’t understand why. And Jenny helped him through it as he stayed by her bedside. And then Jenny left him little Forrest so he wouldn’t have to be alone. And he stood alone beside a stone beneath a tree and he talked to Jenny…And then the movie ended so I don’t know what happened after that.  But I believe that Forrest was okay.  And though his love for Jenny never faded, the pain of losing her lessoned.”

In reading Rory’s blog, it’s unbelievable to see the parallels between his life and that of his favorite movie character, Forrest Gump. But we believe that what Rory writes is true. Like Forrest, he will always miss Joey, but as time goes on, he’ll find himself becoming more and more “okay.”

We continue to send our heartfelt prayers out to Rory and little Indy during this sad time.

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