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Thousands Of Luke Bryan Tickets Vanished

Modern country Songs | Thousands Of Luke Bryan Tickets Vanished | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: CBS/Marc Nader

Buying tickets to your favorite concert are about to get a lot harder for everyone, and you can thank thieves and ticket scalpers for that. 

During the latest "innovation" from online ticket scalpers, a recent Luke Bryan concert was nearly sold out because the scalpers used a computerized program known as a "bot" to purchase thousands of tickets before actual fans could buy them. 

What did they do with the tickets? They resold them at huge markups, making up to 10x more than they paid. According to U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, the scalpers were reselling them on third-party sites for up to $750/each. 

As reports, Schumer says that this is just the latest in a string of online ticket hustling and stated that a 2015 Paul McCartney concert sold out within minutes because of digital scalpers and the tickets were being resold for almost $8,000 making going to the concert nearly impossible.

Many venues have engaged in added verification measures for buyers including "waiting room" policies and requiring human identification before purchases are completed, but in the digital age, hackers are finding ways to skirt the rules and line their pockets with cash. 

Sen. Schumer has publicly called for tighter laws on ticket scalpers and is pushing for a bipartisan companion bill called the Better On-Line Ticket Sales Act of 2014 that is currently pending in the House of Representatives. 

What do you think of more restrictions during the purchasing process? Would having a less convenient checkout process deter you from buying tickets? Let us know in the comments. 

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