‘It’s Hard To Let Go’ – Sadie Robertson Breaks Silence Following Breakup

‘It’s Hard To Let Go’ – Sadie Robertson Breaks Silence Following Breakup | Country Music Videos

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On March 31, it was reported that Sadie Robertson and her boyfriend of two years, Blake Coward, had broken up.

According to a Robertson family representative, the young couple actually broke up weeks prior to the public announcement. Robertson has stayed mum on the subject, even during the premiere of her film debut, God’s Not Dead 2.

In recent weeks she has surrounded herself with family and friends and even attended her senior prom with her cousin, Cole.

Wednesday night (April 13), Robertson finally broke her silence in the form of a YouTube video.

She began by revealing that “about a month ago“, she and Coward broke up. Their relationship was often documented on social media with thousands of comments saying how cute they were and how her young fans wanted a relationship just like theirs. 

“Because a lot of y’all saw our relationship as something y’all could look up to,”she says in the video, “I hope that even now I can be there for y’all in this hard time. And y’all can look up to us in a break up.”

She explains that she knows that a lot of her fans are probably going through breakups as well and she feels their pain.

She understands the pain of hearing a song that used to be special to you, going to a restaurant that you frequented with that person, or coming across something you used to talk to them about.

She also wants to make a point to let her fans know that she is not “bound in bitterness” over the breakup. She wants the best for Coward and thinks he deserves someone who is perfect for him.

Instead of being bitter, instead of being jealous, instead of being angry,” she says passionately. “Want what’s best for them.

Robertson wants to turn this painful experience into a positive one. 

“No matter what the outcome, take the things you know you can work on, grow in that, and be better for the next person. Be better for the person that God has planned and prepared for you,” she says.

She does almost break down in tears a few times, but the entire video is definitely worth watching. For such a young person, she has so much wisdom to pass on.

Watch her full video below.

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