Judge Makes Ruling Defending Blake Shelton In ‘Rehab’ Lawsuit

Judge Makes Ruling Defending Blake Shelton In ‘Rehab’ Lawsuit | Country Music Videos

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After filing a lawsuit against In Touch Weekly for a cover story they ran in a September 2015 issue of their magazine, Blake Shelton gets an answer from the Judge presiding over his case. 

The headline on the magazine read clearly “REHAB For Blake” with a subheading saying “He finally hits rock bottom” followed by a few bullet points of alleged supporting statements. 

In recent filings, the parent company of In Touch Weekly, Bauer Media, filed a motion to strike the entire lawsuit claiming that they did not falsely accuse Shelton and reaffirming their published report. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, U.S. District Judge Christina A. Snyder made a ruling on Monday, April 18th denying the media outlets motion and upholding Shelton’s right to move forward with a libel claim. 

The Judge took an objective look at the magazine at a whole, saying, “A reasonable person viewing the In Touch headlines and sub-headlines –– which were located 30 pages away from the Article –– might well have concluded that Shelton had, in fact, entered ‘REHAB’ after ‘his friends begged him to stop joking about drinking & get help.'”

Judge Snyder also concluded that In Touch Weekly ran the headline and story without actually believing that Shelton was checked into a rehab program. 

The media company fired back, arguing that claiming the country crooner sought out rehab services was not libelous, saying that it would be “commendable for Shelton to seek rehab” because he has a history of publicizing his drinking and bragging about it on social media. 

The Judge disagreed with that argument along with another stating he was “libel proof” due to his publicized drinking and bragging, saying that libel-proof is usually only used where a person already has tarnished their own reputation beyond repair.

All-in-all, Judge Snyder upheld Blake Shelton’s lawsuit – approving it to move forward in court and tossed out most claims asserting his Twitter blurbs about being drunk don’t constitute grounds for a story like the one in question. 

What do you think of Blake’s lawsuit? 

Watch one of his newest singles, “Came Here To Forget”, in the video below. 

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