1. When Si Thought He Was Intimidating With His ‘Icy Stare’


According to Si, who may or may not be a reliable source, he developed an “icy stare” while he was in Vietnam, serving in the U.S. Army.

While talking about opening day of duck season, Si says he will kill 1 million ducks, even though six is the legal limit.

“I’m gonna kill 6 legally with a shotgun,” he says. “And I’m gonna kill all the rest of ’em with this icy stare.”

He said his icy stare became so famous that he was approached by a professor in a wheelchair! He also said he once made a water buffalo die just from his icy stare. 

The guys were trying to convince Willie to give them the rest of the day off so they could prepare for opening day, and after Si gave him the icy stare, Willie gave in. Si thought it was because of his look, but Willie just didn’t want to deal with them anymore!

Watch the video below.

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