Unspeakable Country Music Tragedies (3/8)


3. Ricky Skaggs Shaken After Shooting

At just 7-years-old, Ricky Skaggs’ oldest son, Andy, was riding in the front seat of his mother’s car when a semi truck cut her off. His mother, Brenda, honked at the driver to let him know he was very close when he did that. The angered driver pulled out a gun and fired into Brenda’s vehicle, hitting Andy in the face. 

When Skaggs arrived at the hospital where they had taken his son, he was not prepared for what the son was about to say. In response to his father telling him the suspect had been arrested, Andy replied, “Daddy we need to pray for him and forgive him because he don’t know Jesus”.

The injury required multiple facial reconstruction surgeries over the course of his life, but luckily he survived the incident. 

Watch Ricky Skaggs sing “Cryin’ My Heart Out Over You” in the video below. 

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