Joey & Rory Feek’s Little Indiana Goes To Camp

Joey & Rory Feek’s Little Indiana Goes To Camp | Country Music Videos

Rory Feek/This Life I Live


It’s been almost two months since cancer took the life of country singer Joey Feek. Joey’s husband, Rory, continues to share occasional updates on his blog, This Life I Live, with the main focus being the couple’s 2-year old daughter, Indiana. 

In his most recent post, Rory shared that he and Indy joined her best friend Scout for a weekend in Scottsville, Kentucky, at a camp called The Center For Courageous Kids, something they’ve been looking forward to since November. Just weeks after Joey entered hospice care in Indiana, Rory wrote about Scout and the camp and shared that Scout was looking forward to the day Indy could join her. 

“[Scout] was born with something called Loeys-Dietz syndrome, a connective-tissue disorder that affects her heart and a thousand other things. Unlike Indy, Scouty has been in and out of hospitals and surgeries since the day she was born,” Rory wrote. “Thankfully, for the last year or so, Scout has been doing really well. This weekend her parents took her to the Center for Courageous Kids, a camp in Kentucky that pours love and healing into children with special needs.”

According to the camp’s website, their mission is “to uplift children who have life-threatening illnesses by creating experiences year-round that are memorable, exciting, fun, build self-esteem, are physically safe and medically sound” and provide a camp experience, at no charge to parents, for seriously ill children who wouldn’t be considered for other programs. 

During Rory and Indy’s time at camp, they participated in activities such as woodworking, drawing, boating, and swimming.

But, one of the trip’s most memorable moments came when 12-year old blind camper, Adeline, got to experience a sunset with the help of “magic goggles.”

“I’ve seen thousands of sunsets in my lifetime, but not like this one.  When you’re with someone who is getting to see everything with brand new eyes… it changes how you look at the sun setting behind a tree.

It changes how you look at everything.”

Rory goes on to explain that God gives us a “magic goggles” experience every day. 

“I found myself realizing that no matter how hard life seems sometimes, or how much pain and hurt we feel like we’re carrying around with us…  God gives us ‘new eyes’ each day, and the opportunity to see the good in the life – to experience all the joy that He is trying to show us.”

See more photos of Indy’s weekend at camp by clicking here

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