Is Carrie Underwood Ready To Have More Children?

Is Carrie Underwood Ready To Have More Children? | Country Music Videos


Carrie Underwood‘s 14-month-old son, Isaiah, is the love of her life. It’s clear from her many interviews that she’s completely smitten with the little guy, who she’s been talking up to anyone willing to listen. 

Now that Isaiah is growing older, he’s becoming more and more intelligent every day, and even enjoys mimicking his mom when she sings.

He likes to sing,” Underwood told People. “If you just go ‘la-la-la’, he’ll go ‘la-la-la-la.’ He mimics really well.

Underwood also shared that Isaiah is a “good eater” and that he’s in the middle of a stage where he likes to climb on everything. But overall, Underwood said that Isaiah is well-behaved and “an easy baby.

Since Isaiah has been so good, Underwood isn’t the least bit hesitant to expand her family with her husband Mike Fisher. When asked if she has any plans to have more children, Underwood’s response was “Oh definitely!” before she went on to add, “I’m not sure when because we’re both kind of busy these days. But yeah, definitely. And I’m like, ‘He’s so good — I could do a few more of those.’

Between raising Isaiah and maintaining her busy Storyteller Tour schedule, we don’t blame Underwood for saying that she isn’t quite sure when she’ll be ready to have more kids. But we’re happy to hear that Underwood wants to have more children someday, because Isaiah is such a sweetheart!

When she was younger, Underwood never really pictured herself as a wife and a mother. But now that she is, she wouldn’t have it any other way. She sings about her love for her husband and son in a beautiful song on her Storyteller album called “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted,” which you can listen to below.

We can never get enough of hearing Underwood gush about her little guy!

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