Indy Feek Celebrates Major Milestone With Her Big Sister

Indy Feek Celebrates Major Milestone With Her Big Sister | Country Music Videos

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All throughout Joey Feek’s brave cancer battle, her and Rory shared their stories of love, faith, and family. The shining star of those stories was often their little girl, Indiana, who quickly captured the hearts of thousands around the world. 

Since Joey passed away, Rory has continued to keep their fans filled in with how Indy has been. Shortly after she was born, Joey + Rory learned that their little girl had Down Syndrome. As a result, it’s taken Indy more time to learn how to do things that other children her age do, including talking and walking.

Rory has started taking Indy to a preschool called High Hopes a few times each week, where she also takes therapy to help her learn how to talk and walk. He wrote that she’s starting to get the hang of how her legs work, saying “She has never liked using her legs (she pretty much pretends that she doesn’t have legs at all), but that’s pretty normal for kids with down syndrome.

In a video posted to her Instagram, Indy’s big sister, Heidi, proved how much Indy has learned during her time at High Hopes. The video shows Heidi holding her little sister’s hands as Indy slowly places one foot in front of the other and starts walking.

Heidi wrote that she doesn’t know if she’s ever felt more proud about anything else, and after you watch the video, you’ll be beaming with pride as well.

It makes us so happy to see Indy reaching this huge milestone in her life. We’re sure her mama is smiling down on her.


idk if I've ever been more proud

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