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Country Singer Saves Baby's Life In Frightening Choking Incident

Jason michael carroll Songs | Country Singer Saves Baby's Life In Frightening Choking Incident | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Jason Michael Carroll/Facebook

It's been awhile since we've heard anything from Jason Michael Carroll, but the "Alyssa Lies" singer has been busy gearing up for a 2016 tour that will take him overseas. In addition to prepping for a tour, Carroll has been saving lives. 

That's right! Carroll came to the rescue Monday night when a toddler began choking prior to a hockey game. The singer shared the entire, frightening story on Facebook last night (May 24). 

"Monday night I was getting ready to get access to the locker room for our #Hockey game. All of a sudden this lady ran out of the “class” area of the lobby yelling 'HELP ME!!!!' No one moved at first, then she yelled it again! 'HELP ME! He’s choking!!!!' She had a child about 3 or 4 in her arms, turning blue. I ran over and as I was about to grab the child a woman in a blue coat grabbed the child instead," Carroll wrote. "Once she had the motionless child in her arms she froze. I yelled, 'do you know what to do!?!' She said 'I thought I did!'. I pulled the child from her arms and started the Heimlich maneuver, as Wendy helped by slapping him between his shoulder blades and finally the child started drooling and spitting up."

Carroll admits that he was shaken up following the incident, but was thankful he was there to help. 

"My nerves are still tore up but it definitely helped put more of my life in perspective. There is a reason and a purpose to everything. Mine, last night, was to be there in that lobby. #‎ThinkAboutIt #‎StayFocused #‎ThereIsAReason #‎YouMayNotSeeIt #‎WaitForTheSign #‎Trust"

We're glad Jason Michael Carroll was in the right place at the right time! 

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