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Country Star Confesses Why She Came Out As Gay

Modern country Songs | Country Star Confesses Why She Came Out As Gay | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Inspirer

Like any other star in music, she was at the height of her career and enjoying doing what she loved above all else, but unlike most others, she was hiding something deep within her. 

After launching hits like "Shut Up and Drive", "It Was", and "Single White Female", Chely Wright parted from her longtime record label and struck out on her own as an independent artist in the early 2000s. It was during those years that Wright experienced the most growth toward opening up about who she is, and moving away from hiding it. 

In 2010, Wright made headlines everywhere when she revealed to the world that she was gay, but says that that wasn't the beginning of the journey to coming out. She, in fact, had been planning it for more than three years, and that all started with one shocking moment that nearly claimed her life. 

"The thing that made me do it was fight or flight," Wright tells Inspirer. "I nearly took my life."

"I had invested so much in my hiding and how I was going to manage the lie. I put a lot of effort and resources into it and it's a big decision to dismantle that lie."

Writing her memoir, "Like Me", and documenting her journey through a movie, "Wish Me Away?", the hardest parts of her journey really come forth and show people the difficult battle of coming out. She had put herself and others through torture over the years with the lies surrounding her secret. But, in one flash, she realized it wasn't worth it any longer. 

"I just knew it can’t be good that at two o’clock in the morning I have a 9 mm gun in my mouth. By the grace of God, and I mean that, I didn’t pull the trigger. So, I had to come out."

Wright has seen a fluctuation in her career and fanbase, but the majority of her fans have stuck by her as an artist and she continues to make incredible music that flies off the shelves. In fact, her last album garnered over $250,000 in pre-sales and funding when she launched it through a crowd-funding platform. 

Watch the video below that gives a glimpse into her powerful documentary, "Wish Me Away?"

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