Blake Shelton Gets The Last Word During Nasty Exchange With Twitter Troll

Blake Shelton Gets The Last Word During Nasty Exchange With Twitter Troll | Country Music Videos

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Late week, Blake Shelton proved that the CMT Music Award Social Superstar title he won during the award show was most definitely deserved. In a Twitter exchange gone bad, Shelton shut down a troll who was determined to go ahead and break his heart.

It all started when the country super star logged into Twitter where he was doin’ what fans like. Most of the tweets to Blake were complimentary, fans telling the star how much they love him, with others looking for a shout-out. But, one follower named Lori Baker wrote “@blakeshelton I ‘used to love you’ not so much anymore. I turn off the radio at work when any of ur songs come on. Can’t stand u anymore.'”

Shelton replied, “Oh no!!!! Now what will I do?!!! Someone who doesn’t know me at all can’t stand me!!! How will I live?!!”

Baker proved that she’s got a way with words when she replied “@blakeshelton ahhhh damn. I hurt your feelings. So sorry!! not. You have changed and not in a good way. Have a blessed life. Night.”

Shelton was just gettin’ started when he fired back, “I’m starting to realize that maybe you’re a little slow..? I’ll help you. If you don’t like me then why follow me?” When Baker didn’t reply, Shelton added, “Here’s the part where she’s blankly staring at her can of Pringles trying to figure it out herself.”

Baker responded once more to let Shelton know that she isn’t slow, to which he replied, “No…I’m still pretty sure you are..” 

The singer then blocked Baker and brought back the Twitter sunshine, picking up where he left off with fans, but concluded the night with a message for his haters. 

After reading the Twitter exchange between the country star and the disgruntled former fan, we’re sure that you’ll agree that Blake Shelton is the reason God made Twitter. 

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