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George Strait - The Chair (VIDEO)

George strait Songs | George Strait - The Chair (VIDEO) | Country Music Videos

The Chair, a top George Strait love song, was destined to be a timeless country hit, but perhaps all George Strait songs were.  George Strait just knows how to write a good country love song, doesn't he? The Chair lyrics are delivered in crooning ballad by a man who picks up a lady in a bar by telling her she is sitting in his chair. Our absolute favorite part of the song is at the end of the song when he admits "that wasn't my chair after all." We smile every time we hear that line.  

Good country songs stick in your head for awhile, if not forever, and you just don't get tired of hearing them. The Chair definitely qualifies. It has the perfect mix of vocals, percussion and guitar. The sentiment and sweetness of the song is never lost, no matter how many times you listen to The Chair lyrics.

George Strait Songs

The Chair - Lyrics

Well, excuse me, but I think you've got my chair.
No, that one's not taken, I don't mind
If you sit here, I'll be glad to share.
Yeah, it's usually packed here on Friday nights.
Oh, if you don't mind, could I talk you out of a light.

Well, thank you, could I drink you a buy?
Oh, listen to me, what I mean is can I buy you a drink?
Anything you please.
Oh, you're welcome, well, I don't think I caught your name.
Are you waiting for someone to meet you here?
Well, that makes two of us glad you came.

No, I don't know the name of the band, but they're good.
Aren't they, would you like to dance?
Yeah, I like this song too, it reminds me of you and me.
Well, baby do you think there's a chance
That later on I could drive you home?
No, I don't mind at all.

Oh, I like you too, and to tell you the truth
That wasn't my chair after all.
Oh, I like you too, and to tell you the truth
That wasn't my chair after all.
George Strait Songs - The Chair lyrics and country music video on Youtube

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