Top 33 Country Wedding Songs for a Perfect Playlist (VIDEO)

Top 33 Country Wedding Songs for a Perfect Playlist (VIDEO) | Country Music Videos

Looking for the best country wedding songs for your wedding playlist? A wedding isn’t complete without a little country music touch. Especially since the country genre pertains to home, family, and love. How many times has George Strait’s “I Cross My Heart” been played for the traditional first dance song at a country wedding? The number is probably astronomical. 

There is a country song out there for every part of a wedding, whether it’s the processional or the father-daughter dance, and it’ll always leave y’all in tears. It’s inevitable. 

We picked our favorite country love songs for weddings – best country songs for the first dance, father daughter wedding songs country music fans will adore, mother son wedding songs country music lovers have not heard hundreds of times. Perfect choices for a country reception, good country processional songs and more. 

So, check out our list of best country wedding songs.

Country Wedding Songs Playlist

33 LonestarAmazed

Lonestar’s hit song charted in several different countries and has been covered quite a few times.

“I’m so in love with you. It just keeps getting better. I wanna spend the rest of my life with you by my side forever and ever.” It can’t get much better than that.


32 Lee Ann Womack – I Hope You Dance 

This song was a mega hit for Womack. It charted in several countries and peaked at #1 in both the U.S. and Canada. This ballad is about a mother that wishes only the best for her children, and hopes they take chances and make the best of their lives.

Do we even have to mention that this is the perfect song for a mother/son or father/daughter dance? Didn’t think so. 

31 Keith Urban – Once In A Lifetime 

This outstanding Keith Urban song tells the story of a man that, though life and love can be tough, he’ll never give up on his partner because they have a “once in a lifetime love”. Well, if that doesn’t embody a marriage, what does?

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30 Anne Murray – Could I Have This Dance 

Murray’s #1 hit song was featured in the 1980 film, Urban Cowboy. Just looking at the title, it’s obvious where this song would fit – first dance!

“Could I have this dance for the rest of my life? Would you be my partner then every night? When we’re together it feels so right.” No wonder Murray’s song is such a hit at weddings. Just listen to those lyrics.

29 John Michael Montgomery – I Love The Way You Love Me 

 Montgomery won Song Of The Year in 1993 at the ACM Awards for this #1 hit song. Talk about a dazzling choice for the first dance.

“Strong and wild. Slow and easy. Heart and soul. So completely I love the way you love me.” Swoon. 

28 Chad Brock – Yes! 

Brock’s signature song, “Yes!”, is a very fun, up-tempo tune that is definitely worthy of a dance! It’s one of those songs that tell how a couple starts off and ends with the question being popped. It’s a sweet and romantic choice.

27 Kenny ChesneyYou Had Me From Hello 

Hello! This is the romantic phrase. Perfect.  “The moment I looked into your eyes you won me,” is what every engaged couple wants to hear on their wedding day.

This song reached #1 on both American and Canadian charts! Talk about an obvious pick for any DJ to blast during the reception.

26 Tim McGrawMy Best Friend 

McGraw’s #1 hit song is how everyone should feel towards their wife or husband-to-be! It’s a song about a man that was broken and tired of searching, but then his “best friend” walked into his life and made it all better.

“You’re more than a lover. There could never be another to make me feel the way you do…” 

25 Brad Paisley – We Danced

This beautiful song shows the progression of a relationship with different scenarios where the lovers must share a dance. This smells like a first dance sort of song! 

Brad’s hit song reached #1 on the the charts and rightly so!

24 Holly Dunn – Daddy’s Hands 

This song embodies the tradition of a father-daughter dance. Dunn’s beautiful song tells the story of a father that treated his family right and was there for them when he needed to be. There was always love in daddy’s hands whether his child had done wrong or right. 

23 Chris Cagle – What A Beautiful Day 

Cagle’s love song goes through an entire relationship, where two people meet for the first time, until they say “I do” and have their first child. It’s a beautiful, up-tempo song that makes one appreciate all the different events that surround a loving relationship.


22 Vince GillLook At Us 

This has to  be one of Vince Gill’s most romantic songs. It expresses that, after having gone through so many trials and tribulations, the loving relationship has continued to blossom.

21 Heartland – I Loved Her First 

This country ballad just screams to be used for the father-daughter dance. 

Heartland’s #1 hit song is bittersweet, telling the tale of a man watching his daughter dance with her new husband, and recollecting that he loved her first, he held her first, and he was there for her first breathe she breathed. 

20 Garth BrooksMake You Feel My Love 

Talk about a timeless song. This song has been covered multiple times, but there’s just something about Garth’s rendition that really tugs at the heartstrings. 

This is a song about being able to always, no matter what, depend on your significant other to be there for you and make you feel loved.

19 Carrie Underwood – Mama’s Song 

This would be the perfect song for a mother-daughter dance. Underwood’s bittersweet ballad expresses that a mother need not worry about her daughter because she raised her right and she found the man that her mother always hoped she would – someone good and trustworthy. 

18 Tim McGraw & Faith Hill – It’s Your Love

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are without a doubt country music’s favorite sweethearts. This song won several awards in its day and took the #1 spot on the charts as well. 

“It’s your love. It just does something to me. It sends a shock right through me. I can’t get enough.” Need anything else be said? 

17Rascal FlattsBless The Broken Road 

Though there have been many renditions of this song recorded, Rascal Flatts’ is the highest charting version.  

This song is very relatable, therefore perfect for a wedding. It’s talks about the narrator having broken hearts in the past, but that broken road inevitably lead to his true love because it was blessed by God. How romantic!

16 Keith Urban – Making Memories Of Us 

Keith Urban’s #1 hit song is absolutely beautiful. It’s slow, sweet, and romantic, and perfect for the first dance. 

It’s a song about making promises and memories with the one you love. Perfect.

15 Big & Rich – Lost In This Moment

This emotional song is sang from a groom’s point of view as his knees are trembling and his bride-to-be is walking down the aisle. He compares lifting his wife’s veil to angels singing. Now, that’s romantic.

No wonder it reached the #1 spot on the US Hot Country Songs chart.

14 Tracy Byrd – The Keeper Of The Stars 

This country ballad is immensely romantic. Tracy Byrd sure knows how to pave a way to a woman’s heart.

In this song, the narrator expresses to his lover that “The Keeper Of The Stars”, or God, was responsible for bringing them together and that it was no accident.

13 George JonesWalk Through This World With Me 

What’s a wedding without a classic? Jones’ touching and emotional #1 hit is about sharing dreams and finally finding each other after searching for so long. 

12 Leann Rimes – I Need You

This is one of those songs that became a hit worldwide. 

Rimes’ song expresses the depth of a person’s love for another, comparing their desire to how badly they need water, breathe, and God’s mercy. It’s definitely a perfect song to express devotion.

11 Paul Brandt – I Do 

“I rescued you, you rescued me.” With lyrics like that, it’s bound to pull on the heartstrings and be included in many, many weddings. 

Brandt’s most successful song to date, “I Do” was so loved that it reached the #2 spot on two different Billboard charts.

10 Alabama(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You

Alabama released this gorgeous love song in 1999 with back up vocals by NSYNC. It peaked at #3 on the US Hot Country Songs chart.

This song is perfect for the first dance. It’s incredibly romantic, especially when a love is compared to “a river, peaceful and deep”. Swoon-worthy!

Alison KraussWhen You Say Nothing At All

No one can sing this song like the legendary Keith Whitley, but there is something innately beautiful about Alison Krauss’ version. It has a soft, angelic touch to it that makes it perfect for any wedding.

Krauss’ version was released in tribute to the late Keith Whitley, peaking at #3 on the US Hot Country Songs chart.


Shania TwainFrom This Moment On

How could a song that includes the lyrics, “And for your love, I give my last breath” not be the perfect song for a wedding?

This melodic country ballad was a definite success for both Shania and her duet partner, Bryan White, as it charted in multiple countries.


Tim McGraw & Faith Hill – I Need You

Another Tim McGraw and Faith Hill duet! It goes without a saying that a love song performed by a husband and wife duo is the perfect song for a wedding. Especially since the ballad compares their need for each other to how much “the Father and the Son need the Holy Ghost”.


Clint Black – When I Said I Do

 Here’s yet another song released by a married couple! Clint Black and his wife, Lisa Hartman Black perform this ballad exquisitely, vowing to love each other until the end of their lives.

Can y’all say: perfect wedding song?


Randy TravisForever And Ever, Amen

 This is perhaps Randy Travis’ signature song, and rightly so as it rocketed to #1 in both the U.S. and Canada. It also won a Grammy.

The catchy tune and the beautiful message, about loving a person no matter what, is highly relatable. There’s something about it that just sticks with a person, which makes it the perfect wedding song.


Mark Wills – I Do (Cherish You)

 This romantically-charged love ballad was such a hit that it crossed over into the pop genre and ended up being covered by 98 Degrees. This spectacular song will always belong to the world of country music though!

Weddings are all about cherishing your significant other, especially after the initial “I do”, which makes this song the perfect choice!


John Michael MontgomeryI Swear

 John Michael Montgomery won over millions of hearts with this hit song of his. Every person out there, without a doubt, wants their significant other to promise them that they’ll never break their heart, and if y’all are unsure how to say that, this is the perfect song to use when all words fail.

“I Swear” is just another love  ballad that crossed over into the pop genre. It was covered by All-4-One, but nothing compares to the original #1 hit by Montgomery.


Krystal KeithDaddy Dance With Me

 Though this song is much newer than the others, the daughter of Toby Keith, Krystal, released this incredibly touching song. She first played it at her very own wedding as a surprise for Toby for their father-daughter dance. Rest assured, there wasn’t a dry eye in the reception hall after this one.

It was released on her debut album, Whiskey And Lace.


George StraitI Cross My Heart 

Of course George Strait’s “I Cross My Heart” is number one. It’s a classic and has, without a doubt, been used a multitude of times. If not for the procession or first dance, but just in general as the wedding DJ blasts it, urging all the guests to grab their sweetheart and head onto the dance floor.

Nothing else needs to be said about this classic love song. All hail, King George.


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