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This Emotional Tribute To Military Medics Will Have Y'all In Tears!

This Emotional Tribute To Military Medics Will Have Y'all In Tears! | Country Music Videos

Aspiring country band, Walker McGuire have penned a song dedicated to the "Docs" and Corpsman out there. These medics are unsung heroes and don't always get the recognition that they deserve, and these two men decided that something needs to be done about that. So they wrote "They Call Me Doc", a song dedicated to those who heroically save lives. 

Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire found inspiration for this song from an unnamed Navy Corpsman. In 2014, Walker McGuire and CreatiVets got together with said Corpsman and drew inspiration from his time in Iraq, threading his tales into lyrics, thus creating this tribute. CreatiVets wrote, "This Navy Corpsman saved the lives of Marines who were seriously injured in Iraq, and truly defines the word "hero"." 

The unnamed Corpsman was interviewed by CreatiVets and stated:

"One of the things that I wanted to be incorporated into the song was that I wanted it to be about the whole spectrum of care not just my experience. I wanted to tell the story of how Doc’s treat someone in the field as well as how they are treated during their recovery."

Though Walker McGuire will never fully understand what this man went through, their song is a phenomenal tribute to those who do understand first hand. The Navy Corpsman stated, "All of my friends that are Corpsman thought the song was great and have shared it with others."

Take a moment and listen to this emotional tune that'll give y'all maybe just a little understanding of what these heroic medics go through. Tears are inevitable.

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