Sadie Robertson’s Passionate Message About God And Confidence (WATCH)

Sadie Robertson’s Passionate Message About God And Confidence (WATCH) | Country Music Videos


Duck Dynasty‘s Sadie Robertson has offered us a pretty simple message about life and self-confidence, and we love it! Simply put, she says, “Live original.

Sadie’s message has gone viral, and we love the thoughts she is putting out into the world! She opens with her own personal struggles with confidence and jealousy, and admits she has been a victim of these feelings herself. She tells the audience about her own weight, height, dress size, and so-on, and shows us all that there is never anything to be ashamed of: no one is perfect. She says,

I want to see people start to live original, you know, stop being ‘this is my goal’, ‘this is this’, ‘this is that’, if you want to have goals, that’s great, but my point is don’t look at somebody and say that’s what I want to be because in reality if you’re seeking self-approval or human approval, you’re never going to reach your goal.

Her message shows a harsh reality that sometimes we all need to remember, there is no point in comparing ourselves to others, we are each unique, and that is what makes us special. Sadie expresses how God is the only approval one should seek, and how in her reading of the Bible she found a powerful message that says, “This is what the Bible says about jealousy. It says it’s cancer to the bones.” 

Sadie is wise beyond her years, and we hope her message will be heard by anybody and everybody. 

Check out the video to hear Sadie’s powerful words, and you will be blown away!

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