DIY: Delicious BBQ Bacon Sushi

DIY: Delicious BBQ Bacon Sushi | Country Music Videos

Don’t let the title fool you. There is no seafood in this recipe. It’s something even better: beef, bacon, and cheese. Uh, yeah, that’s recipe for something absolutely delicious – obviously

Because really, who doesn’t love bacon? Whether it’s paired with pancakes or sprinkled on cupcakes, there’s always a reason to enjoy those delicious morsels of goodness. 

So, here’s a recipe we’re almost sure y’all haven’t tried yet. Check out a basic step by step guide, but we suggest viewing the video below for more detailed directions. Enjoy!

Grab your sushi mat and lay bacon across it.

Grab your bowl of minced beef and add BBQ rub and season to taste. Mix.

Apply a thin layer of meat mixture on top of the bacon.

Next, place the emmental (Swiss) cheese on top of the meat layer that was just shaped.

Now it’s time to roll it up using the sushi mat!

Prepare for indirect heat.

Cook at 25 minutes (356 degree F) and then glaze with BBQ sauce. Cook for another 10 minutes, but glaze again after 5 minutes.

Fill a dish with crumbled nachos and another with fried onions.

Roll one cooked roll in the nachos, and the other in the fried onions.

Cut to desired size.

Serve with BBQ sauce and pickled jalapeños.



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