DIY: You’ll Never Buy Disinfecting Wipes Ever Again. You Can Make Them!

DIY: You’ll Never Buy Disinfecting Wipes Ever Again. You Can Make Them! | Country Music Videos

We could all use a little extra money in the bank, and with this super simple DIY you can do just that! Think of how much you spend a month on cleaning supplies… we know, it’s crazy! So we are here to help you save a little cash, while keeping your home spotless as ever.

Instead of buying disinfecting wipes the next time you’re out shopping, look for these versatile household items to make your very own!

Here’s what you’ll need:

√ Name brand paper towel cut in half (off-brands will disintegrate)

√ 12 ounces of water

√ 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol 

√ 4 drops of dish soap

√ Tupperware container ( big enough to fit half of a paper towel)

First, cut your paper towel in half and set aside. In a measuring cup, mix together rubbing alcohol, water, and your favorite dish soap. Then place the halved paper towel in your tupperware container, and start pouring your mixture of ingredients over the paper towel. Make sure you don’t pour it all at once! Add a little at a time to give the paper towel a chance to absorb the mixture equally. Lastly, remove the cardboard center and start using your DIY disinfecting wipes!

For an idea of what to do with that other half of the paper towel, watch the instructional video below for another amazing household DIY. 

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