These Two GUILTY-FACED Dogs Will Have You Laughing So Hard, You Won’t Be Able To Stop!! (WATCH)

These Two GUILTY-FACED Dogs Will Have You Laughing So Hard, You Won’t Be Able To Stop!! (WATCH) | Country Music Videos

Although these two dogs, Rooney and Denver, come from different homes and backgrounds, they both have one thing in common: how guilty they feel after chewing on their owner’s property!

This post has two videos.

The first video shows Rooney getting a very mild talkin’ to from his owner. The woman confronts Rooney after her glasses went missing for a few days, and she found them in the back yard near where he plays.

She asks Rooney if he knows anything about what happened, and his reaction is the absolute funniest!

Rooney can’t handle his owner’s question, so he shows himself to a “time-out”, and it’s the silliest thing you’ll see all day!

The second video went viral, and has a total of 41 million views!

Denver is famous for his guilty face, because it’s so gosh-darn funny!

Denver’s owner finds a bag of cat treats ripped open and empty, so he confronts two suspects, and Denver cannot hold it together!

As soon as his owner questions Denver, the look on the dog’s face will make you laugh so hard!

Denver can’t even look at his owner, and begins to make a really sad/crying face as the owner persists for an answer. 

These two videos will brighten your day, and have you in stitches!

Check out these two very different guilty-faced dogs, and see for yourself what the internet is talking about!

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