3 Moms Turn “Girl Crush” Into A Parody Song “Mom Crush”

3 Moms Turn “Girl Crush” Into A Parody Song “Mom Crush” | Country Music Videos

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Many parodies have been made of country music songs over the years, but one of our favorites has been released just in time for Mother’s Day.

The song, a parody of the Little Big Town hit “Girl Crush,” speaks to the hearts of mothers everywhere who find themselves feeling like failures when comparing themselves to seemingly perfect mothers online.

“Mom Crush,” written and recorded by talented gospel vocalist Amy Perry,  tells the story of an exhausted mother of picky eaters who seriously envies the life of her social media friend who always looks perfect, eats well, gets plenty of rest and has the ideal family. The tune wraps up with the realization that the so-called perfect mom isn’t perfect at all.

In the style of the original “Girl Crush” video, “Mom Crush” was filmed in black and white with the occasional shots of the object of the singer’s affection…her cell phone showing clips of the song subject’s social media pages.

Check out the hilarious video for “Mom Crush” below and share with every mom you know who needs a good laugh this Mother’s Day.

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