Cuteness Overload When Two Pets Meet For First Time (WATCH)

Cuteness Overload When Two Pets Meet For First Time (WATCH) | Country Music Videos

A new trend of pets has come forth, from teacup pigs to pygmy goats, and the cute meter is on overload. 

This family brought a cute and tiny pygmy goat into the family. Full of spunky energy, Pepperjack, the pygmy goat, felt like he had the run of the house, until he met his fellow pet Macy, the cat of the house. 

Their introductions were tentative, each inspecting each other, not quite sure of the other, but once Pepperjack realized it was a new friend his size, all he wanted to do was play. Sadly, Macy, the cat, wanted nothing to do with this new type of playing, or so it appears in the beginning

The adorable pair, play on the stairs for almost two minutes, going up and down the stairs in their game. Yet another animal video that can make your heart melt and lighten your mood.

Check out the video below, it will make your day!

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