Prepare To Witness The Cutest Animal Of All Time (Must-See!) (WATCH)

Prepare To Witness The Cutest Animal Of All Time (Must-See!) (WATCH) | Country Music Videos

OK, get ready. You’re about to see the cutest thing… ever. 

Meet Wally, the big-eared, extra fluffy marshmallow / bunny.  

This is Wally's passport photo. He really wanted me to post it today. "People need to know I'm a worldly bunny! And that I'm well-traveled!" But Wally? You have only been to two states … "But I have a PASSPORT! So I'm a cultured and cosmopolitan bunny!" Wally and I had to talk about what it means to USE your passport versus to HAVE a passport. Now he's looking up flights to Japan. "Wally wants to see TOKYO!" We will need to make a five- to seven-year allowance saving plan. 😉

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We know, Wally is so adorable he almost doesn’t even look real, it’s hard to believe anything could possibly be that cute. But trust us, his Instagram does not lie, he is a real-life bunny

Wally was born in July 2014, and he and his owner, Molly, live in beautiful Massachusetts. What we can tell from his Instagram account (@wally_and_molly) is that he enjoys taking naps, exploring the world, eating, and wearing sneakers…. 

"I want everyone to see my new SHOES!" Okay, Wally. I will tell your followers you got new shoes! "NO! They can't KNOW that I want them to KNOW!" Why not, Wally? "I'm a HUMBLE BUNNY! Just say, 'Here is a nice picture of Wally.'" But Wally? We need to be honest. It's okay to tell people you're proud of your new shoes. "I'm PROUD of my NEW SHOES! If you want some, you can't! Wally already bought them!" (Oh no. This is not exactly what I had in mind.) Wally? There are more pairs of shoes just like yours that people can buy. You might make people sad by telling them they can't have something special that you have. (Wally gasps.) "Wally makes people SAD?! I'm a BAD BUNNY!" Sigh. Wally and I will talk more about this …

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We were not kidding, this bunny is too cool!

Can you even handle those ears?! We can’t get enough of this little guy, and we hope you love him as much as we do! 

Check out the video below to see Wally in action, and you’ll be really glad you did!

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