Patrick Swayze And Lisa Niemi Emotionally Share Their Last Thoughts On Love, A Year Before His Passing (VIDEO)

Patrick Swayze And Lisa Niemi Emotionally Share Their Last Thoughts On Love, A Year Before His Passing (VIDEO) | Country Music Videos

In the ultimate test of love, Patrick Swayze and his wife, Lisa Niemi talk about their true love, and how Patrick and his soulmate are dealing with his battle with cancer.

Patrick had this to say about his wife of 34 years:

She literally is my creative partner. There just feels like there’s a real power between us, like there’s a real chemistry, like we’re soulmates, (If you believe that kind of thing). That we knew each other before and came together in another life, because there’s just intense passion. Our fights are huge, but our love is huge! I don’t know if it’s possible to be this close and this tight and not be soulmates. I think there’s some level of destiny and fate in here. I don’t think I can handle what I’m going through, if it weren’t for her. She’s helped me get through it.

Patrick said about his cancer, “We’re all dying, it’s all a matter of when.”

Lisa Niemi responded:

How can I complain, because I certainly have enormous riches in my life. I live life just one foot at a time, because I’m a pretty tough lady.

Lisa broke down once Barbara Walters questioned, Have you faced the prospect of living life without him?

She exclaimed through tears, “I think I’m going to figure that out when I get there.

Patrick Swayze had been married to Lisa Niemi since 1975, and they first met in 1970 when Lisa (16 years old), starting taking dance lessons from Patrick Swayze’s mother.

Their love was one that people can only dream of.

This video is extremely touching, and may cause emotional reactions.

Watch this intimate expression of love between a husband, and his worried wife, and see for yourself the intense passion they both share for each other!

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