Tim McGraw Has 7 Rules For Dating His Daughters (WATCH)

Tim McGraw Has 7 Rules For Dating His Daughters (WATCH) | Country Music Videos

Tim McGraw is a country legend, and has not only done amazing in the country music world, but also in the world of film. Thanks to Extra Tv, we have an interview, from press for the film Tomorrowland, with Tim that is making us laugh and smile. 

Tim and Faith Hill are like any parents, with rules for their three teenage daughters. The most important rules are the rules for dating said daughters. Tim has seven in total and each of them he upholds. 

The rules are:

  1. “They have to come to the house.”
  2. “They have to meet me.”
  3. “They have to pick them up.”
  4. “They have to come inside.”
  5. “They have to talk to me.”
  6. “They have to talk to their mom.”
  7. “No honking and running out.”

Seems like some simple rules for the boys to follow when dating one of the McGraw girls, but Tim says he doesn’t make it easy on them. He says he likes to greet them with “a sledgehammer on my shoulder”. He even tells a funny story of the first time one of his daughters brought a boy home, and it turned out perfectly timed. 

Check out the interview and Tim’s song dedicated to his daughters below.

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