Willie Visits The Busbice Clan Of Country Bucks And Given A Lesson On Cloning

Willie Visits The Busbice Clan Of Country Bucks And Given A Lesson On Cloning | Country Music Videos

When Willie Robertson goes over to the Busbice land, of the “Country Buck$” show, to visit they start telling him about one of Big Bill’s dogs: George Cloney. His reaction to this one dog, is absolutely hilarious! 

Come to find out, as Willie is watching Big Bill take the dogs off into the woods, his sons decide to tell Willie that there is a dog “that was not born of another dog”. At first, Willie thinks they are pulling his leg, but as the episode goes on and the boys keep explaining about what happened and how they acquired the cloned dog

“Is that legal?” … “In Korea.” … “But we ain’t in Korea.”

Willie wants nothing to do with this dog and is freaked out by the fact that they have a dog that is cloned. Trying to make jokes with Big Bill and the boys as they talk about how much Bill spent to get the dog cloned and fixing a few things for Big Bill if he ever gets himself cloned. 

In all, the video is a must see and a treat for both “Duck Dynasty Fans” and “Country Buck$” fans.

Watch the video below. 

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