Man Demands ‘Cracker Barrel’ Change Name To ‘Caucasian Barrel’, And It’s Hilarious!

Man Demands ‘Cracker Barrel’ Change Name To ‘Caucasian Barrel’, And It’s Hilarious! | Country Music Videos

Due to the political correctness that seems to be everywhere nowadays, Iowa-native, Ryan Koch, who is absolutely tired of it, put together a satyrical petition demanding that the popular restaurant, known for its “home away from home” feel, to change its name from Cracker Barrel to Caucasian Barrel.

Koch told WFTS that the petition “is strictly for satirical and comedic purposes” and “to show how ridiculous political correctness is getting in America.”

Hoping to gain 25,000 signatures, the petition that was started five days ago, currently has just over 15,000 supporters. The petition states:

I say all of us European Americans start protesting C****er Barrel. It uses an offensive slur and it is deeply offensive and mocks our long and proud heritage.

The name is offensive, their logo stereotypes European Americans as people who sit on chairs and lean against what appears to be a bourbon barrel, claiming we are all a bunch of alcoholics. Sure, they’ll SAY it’s a “cracker” barrel but everyone knows crackers don’t come in barrels, they come in bags and boxes!

Change the name C****er Barrel to Caucasian Barrel. After all, white people should have something to be offended by, too!

Remember, this is pure satire and Ryan Koch was hoping to shed light on how political correctness has run amuck in America. He told WFTS that he started the petition because “media reports of various groups and organizations constantly wanting to change things throughout the country because they claim they are offended.”

What do y’all think about Ryan’s attempt at bringing attention to how politically correct he believes America to be? Do you agree? Disagree?

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