5. “If The South Woulda Won” By Hank Williams Jr.


Hank Williams Jr.’s #8 hit from 1988 wasn’t the first time he gave a nod to Skynyrd in one of his songs. He also mentioned them in “My Name Is Bocephus,” which appeared on his 1987 album Hank Live

“If the South Woulda Won” was released as the lead single off of Hank’s album, Wild Streak. Hank pays further tribute to Skynyrd on the album with his cover of their iconic song, “Tuesday’s Gone.”

In “If the South Woulda Won,” Hank sings of how things would have been different if the South won the Civil War and he became President of the South. He references Skynyrd, saying he would have rallied the South in support on the tragic day of the plane crash:

“If the South would’ve won we’d a had it made. I’d prolly run for President of the Southern States. The day young Skynyrd died, we’d show our Southern Pride. If the South would’ve won we’d a had it made.”

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