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Battle Of The Duck Decoys

Battle Of The Duck Decoys | Country Music Videos

When it comes to duck hunting, Phil Robertson will spare no expense to make sure he gets that duck. So when he takes Jase and some of the guys over to his normal duck decoy maker, they are all shocked to hear how much they cost. The wooden, hand carved duck decoys that Phil likes to buy, are $1,000 a piece! Wow! That was Jase's reaction 

"They look awesome, but their not real practical."

So after using the wooden decoys and trying to set them up, Jase can't see the reason to buy $1,000 decoys versus plastic decoys. So, he and Phil make a bet, if Phil can find the one plastic decoy among the wood decoy's Jase has to buy an order of wooden decoys. So the guys all paint old plastic decoys, with Uncle Si's looking the best, and put their theory to the test...and that theory fails as Phil finds it and shoots it out of the water. 

Well, guess money can buy the best product sometimes and it's not always best to go the cheaper route. 

Check out the funny video below. 

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