Gary Allan Bares All In Emotional Tribute Dedicated To His Wife Who Passed Away

Gary Allan Bares All In Emotional Tribute Dedicated To His Wife Who Passed Away | Country Music Videos

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In this heart-wrenching tribute, Gary Allan confesses the true emotions he felt after his wife tragically took her own life.

They had been married for a mere three years when his wife passed away, and Gary was heartbroken.

Gary grieved in the only way he knew how, and turned to music for comfort and support.

Making a tribute album for his wife seemed therapeutic, so Gary sang two songs dedicated to the tragic situation.

Gary Allan breaks our hearts into a million pieces when he sings “Puttin’ The Memories Away“, and it’s no wonder why.

He explains:

I threw our rings into a box, filled with broken memories and fool’s gold, and I woke up again last night in this lonely bed without you to hold. I walked around this house pullin’ pictures off the walls, just like I’ve done a hundred times before, makin’ sure I’ve got ’em all.

The emotion in this tribute song brings tears to our eyes, because you can hear the sadness in his voice.
Gary Allan is singing from the heart, and it’s absolutely touching.

Gary sings another song, “I Just Got Back From Hell”, and the lyrics talk about how he felt during the tragic situation, and how he’s dealing with the aftermath.

Gary sings:

I just got back from hell and I’m standing here alive. I know it’s really hard to tell. Don’t know how I survived, but I cant say Im doin’ great, but I think I’m doin’ well. The devil’s gonna have to wait, cause I just got back from hell.

Gary Allan lost his wife, and these songs are beautiful reminders of the raw emotion he felt.

May his wife forever rest in peace.

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