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They Insulted His Southern Accent, So This Cowboy Stood Up For Himself

They Insulted His Southern Accent, So This Cowboy Stood Up For Himself | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Chad Prather

Chad Prather, y'all... This cowboy isn't afraid to say what he thinks, so when someone insulted his southern accent, he wasn't going to leave it at that. He took to Facebook and decided to rant to the public about just how much he disagreed with the insult.

He received a message that stated, "Chad, we're offended by your southern accent. It proves to us you're not intelligent." Chad didn't just stand up for himself though, he stood up for the southern way of life and how most people born in the south are raised.

He laid it out plainly, perfectly articulating every word and getting his point across. "I grew up in the state of Georgia," he says, "where southern dialect was really our only option, and now after living all these years in the state of Texas, nobody yet has stopped me from using a phrase such as, "y'all", or "gonna", or "fixin' to", yet you say it makes me sound less than intelligent. You can stop listening. In fact, nobody ever invited you into the conversation."

He doesn't just stop there though. Like previously stated, he shows pride in how he was raised, saying, "We teach our children to say "ma'am", "sir", to their elders, and to do so for the rest of their lives as a sign of respect no matter how old they get." Chad talks about how those in the south get along with everyone and how the men will always open doors for the ladies.

So, what do you think about Chad's response to the insult? Do y'all agree? 

Southern and Smart...maybe? Share it if you agree. Love y'all. #watchchad #smile

Posted by Chad Prather on Monday, August 3, 2015
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