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Willie Sends A Group Text And It Becomes A "Terrible, Technological Snow Ball"

Duck dynasty Songs | Willie Sends A Group Text And It Becomes A
Photo credit: A&E/YouTube

In this hilarious video from Duck Dynasty, Willie sent a group text out to everyone to let them know about a surprise party he's planning to throw for Rebecca. She's been away in Los Angeles for a while, so he thought a welcome back party was needed. But as soon as Willie asks if any of the guys got the text, Jase decides it's time to go on a hilarious rant about group texts (although we can't help but agree with what Jase has to say). 

"Group texts are the worst! They are like a terrible, technological snowball, coming down a mountain and you can't stop it....First one person responds, then someone tries to be funny, then we get off the subject...It'll be midnight and they're still talkin'...Stop having a conversation on my phone!"

But it's the end when John Luke gives his two-cents on the situation and it gets awkward and hilarious! John Luke tells everyone that he got the text and likes them. But what he really likes are emojis. Trying to explain emojis to these men is a little difficult (and hilarious) for John Luke, and none of them can take it anymore. 

The video is hilarious, and all those "anti-group texters" out there will definitely love Jase's opinions on them. Check the video out below. 

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