Willie Robertson Opens Up About ‘Being Bombarded With Sin’ & Dealing With Fame In Rare Interview

Willie Robertson Opens Up About ‘Being Bombarded With Sin’ & Dealing With Fame In Rare Interview | Country Music Videos



Y’all are about to see a side of Duck Dynasty‘s Willie Robertson, that you’ve never seen before! 

While casually being interviewed in his living room by Sports Spectrum Magazine, Willie opens up about dealing with fame and the never ending challenge of “being bombarded with sin.” 

He begins talking about fame, saying, “It also comes with everybody watching you. So I’m more aware, you know, there’s more things that I have to think about. Personally, just me. That just, I realize that I’m influencing a ton of people, a ton of children, a ton of, you know.

He goes on to say that fame can sometimes bring out a negative side of people, and that “I’ve seen this other side, to where they use all, everything they have is used to see how bad they can be,” Willie continues, “I see the misery it brings.

Willie expresses his ideas on how to deal with fame, and the importance of staying true to yourself. He says, “Remaining yourself, which I’ve heard a lot, you know. And how do you stay true? I mean your ‘self’ changes when this happens. So you do become different, you have to become more guarded, you just have to.

But in the end, the wise Willie we all know and love admits, “The problems I have are no different than the problems my neighbor has up the street.

The Robertson’s are just too great! 

Check out the inspiring interview below! 

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