Steve Earle Pleads With Mississippi To Remove Confederate Flag In Controversial New Song

Steve Earle Pleads With Mississippi To Remove Confederate Flag In Controversial New Song | Country Music Videos

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Whether it’s being defended or denounced, this year the Confederate flag has been flooded with controversy. With country legends like Charlie Daniels speaking out against those who condemn it, saying it does not represent racism, but the spirit of the South, it’s definitely a surprise to see another country music icon, Steve Earle, speak out against it being represented on the Mississippi flag.

The Mississippi flag is the only flag in the nation that has a Confederate flag emblem perched in the top, left corner. The “Copperhead Road” singer spoke his mind in a recent press release:

“I grew up in the South and lived there until I was 50, and I know that I’m not the only southerner who never believed for one second that the Confederate battle flag is symbolic of anything but racism in anything like a modern context. This is about giving those southerners a voice.”

In “Mississippi, It’s Time“, Earle opens up about how it’s about time that the flag came down. He mentions America’s history of racism and slavery, “I wish I was in the land that never / held a soul in bondage ever / wouldn’t have to drag these chains behind / Mississippi, It’s time.

Earle definitely expresses his distaste and it’s obvious he desperately hopes that those in Mississippi will change their mind and look away from their current flag.

What do you think? Do you reckon it’s time, just like Steve Earle believes?

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