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Blake Shelton Fails At Singing Usher's "Yeah," And It's Hilarious

Blake shelton Songs | Blake Shelton Fails At Singing Usher's
Photo credit: (Left)NBC via /(Right) Marloes Lucy Duizer Photography

Some artists have no problem with singing songs outside their genre. But others, such as Blake Shelton, just find it too hard to stray from what they know.

During a performance at Virginia Beach in July 2013, Shelton attempted to sing the song "Yeah," which was originally released in 2004 by R&B artist and Shelton's fellow Voice coach Usher.

Usher had performed a cover of Shelton's song "Home" at one of his concerts in Oklahoma, so Shelton decided to try and tackle "Yeah" in order to thank him. But it was more challenging for him than he expected.

Shelton manages to sing along with the song's traditional background track at first, but it isn't long before he stops singing and admits, "this crap is hard for me."

"Are y'all YouTubing this?" Shelton asked the crowd, to which they responded with loud cheers.

Knowing that he had to try to do the song justice, Shelton turned to his band for help. "Is there any way we can make it a little more me?" 

His band starts playing on various traditional country intruments, including the fiddle, producing a distinctly country version of "Yeah's" signature beat. As spectacular as their performance is, Shelton still can't bring himself to go through with the song.

"That sucks and I'm sorry," Shelton said, apologizing to the crowd and probably Usher as well.

But Shelton does his best to make up for being unable to finish the song. 

"I figured out one thing tonight already," Shelton said."I can't help it, I can't be anybody but a freaking hillbilly."

The crowd erupts into cheers, and just before the video ends you can hear the first few notes to the start of Shelton's song "Hillbilly Bone."

Although we appreciate Shelton's effort to cover Usher's hit song, we're glad that he's not ashamed to stay true to his country roots.  

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