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Throwback: Tim McGraw Throws Unruly Fan Out Of Concert

Tim mcgraw Songs | Throwback: Tim McGraw Throws Unruly Fan Out Of Concert | Country Music Videos
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It's just a given fact that sometimes people get a little rowdy at concerts. But in this throwback clip from 2008, Tim McGraw shows that he has zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior at his concerts.

During a performance of his hit song "Indian Outlaw" at a concert in September 2008 in Washington state, McGraw notices a man in the crowd attacking a female fan

"Get rid of this guy," McGraw yells into the microphone. 

McGraw calls out for security, but he isn't patient enough to wait for them. Instead, McGraw reaches into the crowd and attempts to yank the man up on stage

Security eventually comes to McGraw's side and helps him lift the man the rest of the way on stage. Once the man is on stage, McGraw gives him a good shove, pushing him into the arms of a security guard. 

With the band still playing in the background, the man lunges at McGraw in retaliation, but is held back by McGraw's security team.

McGraw clearly isn't intimated, his fist poised to defend himself if need be. 

Luckily for McGraw, the security officers manage to restrain the man and lead him off of the stage, but not before he takes off his cowboy hat and waves farewell to the crowd.

The crowd cheers when the man is finally out of sight, and McGraw picks up his performance right where he left off

It was admirable in itself that McGraw had the man kicked out of the concert, but the fact that he actually helped lift him out of the crowd made his actions even more impressive.

This isn't the only time McGraw has kicked someone out of one of his concerts. Another notable incident happened right before a duet with The Band Perry at another concert in Washington state in 2011.

In that case, McGraw yet again made a man leave his concert for hitting a woman in the crowd

Though this time it wasn't the man that McGraw pulled up on stage, but the woman, who was led off to safety by McGraw's security team. McGraw pointed the man to the exit and said "you can go this way now."

Consider this a warning to any McGraw concert goers: you better be on your best behavior, or else you'll have to answer to the "Indian Outlaw" himself. 

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