Luke Bryan Doesn’t Let A Bad Hair Day Stop Him From Shooting Hoops With Jimmy Butler

Luke Bryan Doesn’t Let A Bad Hair Day Stop Him From Shooting Hoops With Jimmy Butler | Country Music Videos

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Luke Bryan loves a good game of basketball. So when Chicago Bulls player Jimmy Butler showed up to one of his concerts in Florida, Bryan knew he had to challenge him to a game.

Bryan shows up wearing a black shirt and red basketball shorts, and is also sporting some particularly messy hair. Since he isn’t wearing his usual ball cap, maybe it’s leftover hat hair?

Whatever the reason for Bryan’s messy hair, he’s very aware that it doesn’t even look like he brushed it that morning. 

He comes up to the camera to address his messy hair, running his fingers through it as he says, “I fixed my hair today.”

If Bryan had been just as concerned about his game as his hair, maybe he would have faired a little better against Butler. His friends talk about how usually, Bryan can dominate the court, but he just can’t compete with Butler.

One time, Bryan goes to do a layup, and misses terribly. Very disappointed in himself, Bryan comes over to the camera and tells them to, “edit that.”

Bryan and Butler also engage in some friendly banter throughout the game, with Bryan saying he thinks he can guard Butler because the two of them kind of match up physically. That prompts Butler to tease Bryan for carrying a six pack of beer in his stomach, rather than having an actual six pack.

At the end of the game, Butler lets Bryan score a basket, which Bryan is very excited about.

I don’t want to hurt his confidence, he’s got a show tonight,” Butler said.

Hopefully Bryan thought to comb his hair or put on a hat before his show that night. 

Watch Bryan and Butler square off against one another in the most recent episode of Luke Bryan TV below!



Luke Bryan TV 2015!

Thanks for taking it easy on us Jimmy Butler #LBTV

Posted by Luke Bryan on Thursday, October 1, 2015

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