A Day In The Life Of Willie Robertson Will Have You Laughing Out Loud!

A Day In The Life Of Willie Robertson Will Have You Laughing Out Loud! | Country Music Videos



Ever wondered what a regular day looks like for Duck Dynasty‘s Willie Robertson?

Well, we have your answer. 

In the three minute clip below, y’all will get to follow Willie around and see what a day looks like in his eyes. To say the least, there’s a lot going on for the CEO of both Duck Commander AND Buck Commander. 

The clip focuses on a day at Duck Commander’s branch, Buck Commander.

Jep Robertson opens up the clip by saying, “Willie is his own man, he’s been different ver since he was a kid.” We can only imagine where this is going… 

A frazzled Willie makes his way around the office, spilling coffee, talking on the phone, all while getting dressed and looking for something to eat. 

He loves eating so much that he even said, “The name of the company is buck commander, for me it’s meat commander cause I like to eat.

And everyone will agree.

Buck Commander’s Jordan Summitt said, “Out of all the guys, I would say he’s the hungriest.” While Jase Robertson agreed, “Deer hunting was something that was a way for him to cook, and it was a way to be fed.

There you have it. 

A day in the life of Willie Robertson means a lot of phone calls… and a lot of food.

Check it out below!

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