Carrie Underwood Tells All In Revealing Interview About Motherhood

Carrie Underwood Tells All In Revealing Interview About Motherhood | Country Music Videos

Motherhood is a beautiful part of life, but it definitely comes with a lot of changes. 

For Carrie Underwood, motherhood has brought so many positive changes in her life, aside from her beautiful baby boy! Below is a photo of the happy little family right after the birth of adorable Isaiah Fisher, on February 27, 2015.

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During a recent interview with ABC Radio (via, Underwood told listeners about her little bundle of joy, Isaiah. The proud mom said, He’s such a great baby. Like, smiley and happy and just sweet. I’m sure all babies are sweet, but he’s, like, really sweet. 

That melts our hearts! 

Underwood then went on to talk about how motherhood has changed her as a person, she said,  

I feel overall like I’m kind of a happier person, and that’s kind of weird. I don’t know why, but I just feel like I’m just kind of in a better mood most of the time, unless I’m really sleepy.

And Underwood isn’t the only one to notice these positive changes, even her own mother noticed! Growing up, Underwood’s older sisters moved out when she was young so she was raised almost as an only child. Then, of course, she became a superstar and things kind of went her own way for a while.

Underwood jokingly said,  

I think my mom kind of expected me to be overwhelmed by motherhood because of that. She tells me all the time that she’s surprised and happy and that I was different than she thought I’d be, so that’s good. I’m sure she had a little faith in me, but it’s different when all of a sudden your focus is entirely shifted to this little thing. 

We’re so happy baby Isaiah has brought so much joy to Carrie Underwood’s life! 

Underwood’s newest album, Storyteller, will be released Octorber 23rd. Maybe a song on the album will be inspired by her motherhood journey?! Stay tuned!

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