Sadie Robertson Shares Heartfelt Photo To Commemorate John Luke’s Birthday

Sadie Robertson Shares Heartfelt Photo To Commemorate John Luke’s Birthday | Country Music Videos


First and foremost, a big happy birthday to John Luke Robertson! Today he’s turns the big 2-0. 

That being said, family is extremely important to the Robertson family. We’ve seen it time and time again: how much they care for one another. Their whole family dynamic is something many people strive toward.

There is one relationship in particular that is endless fun and laughter and that’s the brother-sister bond that is Sadie and John Luke.

We know the two love to joke around just like siblings do and when we get to see it on Duck Dynasty, it always proves to be five star entertainment. But more than that, there is the familial love that resonates through not just brother and sister, but the entire Robertson family.

Sadie showed that in the photo collage she shared on her personal Instragram today.

“20?!?!??!? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!?! I am truly so thankful for you! you have been my best friend since literally day one. thanks for telling me when I’m being stupid, but then also being stupid with me a lot of times. thanks for always watching out for me and protecting me. I love you so much! it’s a privilege to be your little Sis I hope I make you as proud as you make me.”

How sweet is that? 


We wish John Luke the best birthday ever, especially now that he can share it with his beautiful wife.

Check out just one of the many hilarious moments between Sadie and John Luke below.

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