Remember When Luke Bryan Crashed His Truck?

Remember When Luke Bryan Crashed His Truck? | Country Music Videos

YouTube: Luke Bryan


It’s safe to say Luke Bryan will not be driving his Chevy Silverado featured in the picture below ever again. While visiting The Ellen Show in 2013, he discussed just how his truck got totaled… in a catfish pond. 

It wasn’t your typical car accident. Luke was at home, enjoying the beautiful day when he decided to take a little trip down to the catfish pond. Yes, Luke Bryan sings about catfish, and has a catfish pond on his property. He got out of the truck to feed the fish but didn’t remember to put it in park! 

The end result wasn’t pretty. Luke’s truck was completely totaled, and there was no fixing it at that point. We suspect that this is the same truck he was surprised with just three years prior, as you can see in the second video below.

Watch Luke recount his experience below. At least he can laugh about it now! 

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