VIDEO PROOF: This Helpful Hound Knows How To Brighten Your Day

VIDEO PROOF: This Helpful Hound Knows How To Brighten Your Day | Country Music Videos

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Y’all NEVER saw this coming… 

Baron the German Shepherd isn’t like most dogs. Instead of playing fetch, digging in the backyard and rummaging through the trash, Baron does laundry, cleans dishes and most impressively… gets beer for his humans. 

Hard to believe, we know, but we have video proof that Baron is the most amazing animal ever! 

In the video below, Baron’s mom tells her little helper that she had a long day. Baron quickly gets up from relaxing on the porch and rushes inside. 

He’s inside for about five seconds before he comes out with a surprise in his mouth: a cold beer!

Baron gives the refreshing beverage to his mom and then does something we never saw coming… 

Baron walks over to his water bowl, picks it up and brings it to his mom’s lap. Clearly someone had a long day too! 

Baron, beer isn’t for dogs! 

Y’all have to see Baron on action to believe it, so check out the hilarious video below.

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