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Sadie Robertson Builds Her Own Personal Prayer Room, Inspired By The Movie "War Room"

Duck dynasty Songs | Sadie Robertson Builds Her Own Personal Prayer Room, Inspired By The Movie
Photo credit: Roma Boots

It is important to find a place of peace. 

For Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson, that place is in her new prayer room. For a teenager that has grown up in the spotlight, there can be a lot of pressures to deal with. At just eighteen she has written a book, started clothing lines, and served as a role model for young women. So it's understandable that she needs a space to herself.

Sadie was inspired by a movie she recently saw, and shared the photo below on her personal Instagram account. 


The movie War Room went to theaters in August 2015, and is a drama about faith. The film explores nearly ever aspect of life that we deal with, and is easily relatable. After watching the movie, Sadie was inspired to create her own "War Room" - a place to retreat. 

Sadie plans to use her little wooden camper, turned prayer room to talk to God, and find strength. After just two days of the photo being posted, Sadie has thousands of comments from fans who are now inspired to create one of their own. Once again, showing the mass positive influence she has on her generation. 

Great job, Sadie! We also have to give kudos for the adorable interior decor. It's truly Sadie's style! 

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