When A Bacon Lover Meets A Piglet, The Reaction Is PRICELESS

When A Bacon Lover Meets A Piglet, The Reaction Is PRICELESS | Country Music Videos

YouTube: BuzzFeedVideo


Every bacon/animal lover’s WORST nightmare. 

It is hard enough to resist to the savory flavor and sweet aroma of cooked bacon, but even more difficult to see your favorite meat in baby form. When BuzzFeed sat some of their very own bacon lovers down, they had no clue what they were in for. 

These people thought they were taste-testing bacon, but they were actually meeting precious baby piglets for the first time. Everyone was completely shocked, and almost turned vegan. How could your heart not melt to pieces with a sweet piglet in your arms?!

Of course this experiment was meant to shake up the BuzzFeed contributors, and it did just that. Many of them began to question their life choices once they bonded with the tiny piglets. Who could blame them!

Watch the video below, and decide for yourself if this could persuade you to change your diet! 

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