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Sadie Robertson Stays True To Her Dating Rules On The Path To A Biblical Marriage

Sadie robertson Songs | Sadie Robertson Stays True To Her Dating Rules On The Path To A Biblical Marriage | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Inside Editions YouTube Account

Sadie Robertson is famous for Duck Dynasty, Dancing With The Stars, and her clothing line, but there's more to Sadie than meets the eye.

She is very passionate about her relationship with God, and isn't afraid to talk about hot-button issues, like remaining pure until marriage.

Saving herself until marriage is very important to Sadie, and she has revealed that she doesn't bother dating guys who don't feel the same way. 

She says her current boyfriend, Blake Coward, is, "very supportive of me publicly displaying my decision to stay pure until marriage.

She opened up in an interview with Inside Edition about her 3 tips on staying pure in a relationship.

1. Do Not Be Home Alone Together

Her reasoning? "You could be the strongest Christian in the world, but when you're home alone together, it just adds that pressure. It's just good to not put yourself in a position that you may have to stand up for yourself."


2. Stay Out Of Each Other's Bedrooms

"You don't just want to be in a bedroom, door shut," she explains. "Not too much good can come out of that."

oldie but a goodie ... sweet dreams my friends ? 10.11.15

A photo posted by Sadie Robertson (@legitsadierob) on


3. Pray Before Dates, And Whenever You Need To 

"It's important to keep God at the top of the relationship," she says.

"in Jesus' name we pray, amen" ♥️ 6.19.15

A photo posted by Sadie Robertson (@legitsadierob) on


Sadie's tips are thought out and respected by her boyfriend of almost two years. It seems to be working because they appear to be more in love than ever!!

loving you is fun :-) 10.18.15

A photo posted by Sadie Robertson (@legitsadierob) on


Take a look at her interview with Inside Edition below!

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