Duck Dynasty’s Jessica Robertson Opens Up About Eating Disorder

Duck Dynasty’s Jessica Robertson Opens Up About Eating Disorder | Country Music Videos

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Today, Jessica Robertson has found true happiness in her faith and her family, which consists of her husband Jep, and their four adorable children. 

But Jessica says that she struggled a lot in life before she found the happiness she now has with Jep.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jessica admits many shocking things about her past, including the fact that she struggled with an eating disorder as a teen.

Jessica also opens up further about her troubled past in her and Jep’s book The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God.

After Jessica hesitantly entered into marriage with her youth pastor at the age of 18, she felt a lot of pressure to maintain a good appearance and healthy weight, which is how her eating disorder started:

“I started drastically cutting back on calories and working out harder and harder. I used a calculator to track the calories I ate and sometimes made a meal out of just a few marshmallows or a bowl of low calorie cereal.”

Jessica admits that she got so obsessive about her weight that she thought she couldn’t have any fat in her diet.

I wouldn’t eat anything with fat in it,” she says. “I would go as far as getting powdered skim milk and making it because I was afraid the skim milk I was buying really had fat in it.

Jessica and her first husband eventually divorced, and she tried to fill the void with partying, but she eventually turned to Christianity, and met Jep at a Bible study.

One of the first things I noticed was how sweet he is and how kind he is to others … I saw so much kindness, gentleness and self-control, all these great characteristics that you want in someone,” Jessica says.

Today, Jessica says that although her and Jep are health conscious, she tries her best to make sure that their daughters don’t grow up obsessing over calories like she did as a teenager.

I think we learn those traits, and I try to be really cautious with the girls,” she says.

It’s sad that Jessica had to suffer through so much, but it’s good that she’s using her past mistakes to help her children today.

You can watch Jessica’s full interview with Entertainment Tonight in the video below.

It must have been so hard for Jessica to open up about her past like that, but we’re glad to hear that it only helped make her stronger!

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