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Luke Bryan Doesn’t Care If Other People Think He’s Old

Modern country Songs | Luke Bryan Doesn’t Care If Other People Think He’s Old | Country Music Videos
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At nearly 40 years old, Luke Bryan doesn't look his age...

In a recent interview, Luke opens up about his feelings on heading 'over the hill' and how it might impact his career and his music. 

Luke doesn't like talking about getting older and understandably it's a sore spot for him. 

“It’s like everyone’s decided to put me out to pasture,” he admitted.

But even though a lot of people tend to act like his time has come and gone, he says "I don't get heady about all that."  Regardless of how big that number grows, he's obviously still gonna have fun. 

His newest album, Kill The Lights, was released in August of this year; just shy of a month after his 39th birthday. 

“With Kill the Lights, there are moments where you can tell I’m 39,” Bryan confessed. “And there are moments like ‘Move’ where it’s still like ‘Country Girl.’ And ‘Strip It Down’ is a little more mature, but it works for everybody. If I’m smart, I can keep on appealing. I still get amazed every day at the younger demo I draw. I don’t take it for granted. I truly relish it every night.”

With his timeless mindset and easy-going demeanor, he's the perfect family member to call during a semi-life crisis. One day, his niece called him worried because she felt that she was lost and needed to figure things out A.S.A.P.

“She called me and said, ‘Uncle Luke, I need your help with something.’ Everywhere she goes, people tell her she needs a plan,” he said. “But I just asked her, ‘Are you making good grades? Do you wake up every day in a good mood? Are you and your boyfriend happy and having fun? Is he treating you nice?’ I told her, ‘You’re only 20. I was 25 before I even moved to Nashville.’” 

And he's right. Although he was older than most country artists when they start out, he has skyrocketed to the top of the charts and created a legacy of music in just a few short years. 

Watch Luke's debut single "All My Friends" in the video below and you'll see just how timeless his music is.

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