Blake Shelton Shares Brilliant Secret To Looking Thin

Blake Shelton Shares Brilliant Secret To Looking Thin | Country Music Videos

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Following Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert‘s divorce this summer, people couldn’t help but notice that Shelton had lost some weight. Since then, many have been wondering how he managed to lose so much weight so quickly, totaling over 20 pounds. 

During an interview in October, Shelton said that exercise wasn’t the reason for his healthier physique, giving credit instead to all of the yard work he’d done at home. 

“I would like to sit here and tell you I’ve been exercising, but I haven’t been. I push mow my lawn. One day, in the middle of crisis and chaos in my personal life, I walked out and I was just thinking, ‘What’s going on in my life?'” he said. “[And] what the hell is going on with my yard?! Are you kidding me, it’s like 3-feet tall out here.”

When Shelton appeared on Live! With Kelly and Michael in November he decided to share another one of his weight loss secrets.

I gotta say man, I’m looking at you, you look swell,” said Michael. “What have you been doing?

Shelton acted flattered for a moment before putting on a straight face to answer Michael’s question.

I suck it in,” Shelton said. “I‘ve learned to suck it in on TV now instead of letting it hang out…I haven’t figured out how to suck in love handles yet though.”

We weren’t expecting that answer! But after all, Shelton is always full of surprises.

You can watch Shelton’s full interview with Kelly and Michael in the video below.

No matter how unconventional Shelton’s weight loss strategies are, they must be working, because he’s looking great these days!

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