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Kenny Rogers Says 'New Country' Motivated His Decision To Retire

Kenny rogers Songs | Kenny Rogers Says 'New Country' Motivated His Decision To Retire | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

When Kenny Rogers announced that he would be retiring following the conclusion of a farewell tour in 2016, country music fans around the world were heartbroken over the news. 

At the age of 77, Rogers has dedicated nearly 60 years to performing country music. But as Rogers said when he announced his retirement, his career took away precious time he could have spent with his children.

Now that his older kids are grown up, Rogers wants to be able to be there for his younger sons, Justin and Jordan.

"I've decided that my goal now is to stay home and help Wanda raise Justin and Jordan and be just as much of an influence on them as my mother and father were on me," Rogers said, "because that's what parents are for."

But as Rogers revealed in a recent interview with Variety magazine, family wasn't the only thing that motivated him to retire right now.

Rogers said that another one of the reasons he decided to retire is because he knows that he can't thrive in the era of "new country."

I don’t really have any challenges unless I want to go out and compete with new country, and I don’t have any desire to do that," he said. 

However, don't get Rogers wrong, he doesn't necessarily dislike "new country," he just doesn't think it's for him:

"I think country music is whatever country people will buy. And I think people don’t buy certain kinds of country anymore. So what happens is that, in their efforts to do something different, to set themselves apart from me and the other guys before me, they took it to a different place. Country is very healthy right now — they’re bringing in a lot of kids. But it’s not a type of music that I prefer or that I would want to do, and that’s why I’m getting out."

Although Rogers has more than enough reasons to choose to retire right now, it didn't make it any easier for him to say goodbye to his fans. In an emotional farewell message posted to his Facebook page, Rogers thanked his fans for all of their support and love over the years. 

You can watch Rogers' farewell message in the video below.

We're certainly going to miss Rogers and his music!

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